Customer Reviews

"The people at Glaser Steel treat me, a home owner, with respect. They are very helpful. I won't go anywhere else for material for my welding projects!

Robert Frick

"Good selection! Will order what you need if they don't have it in stock. Excellent customer service!

Chuck Copley

"Great Family business, very helpful and great prices"

William Stenger

"Very friendly people. Always ready to help when it comes to advice and service. I’ve been coming here for two years for different times of metal materials."

Rafael Valdez

"Awesome place to get metal. Helpful staff"

Matt Daugaard

"Tony and his crew are top shelf folks who take care of their customers. When you walk in to this shop, you get this great vibe because they are committed to helping customers get their projects going. I have been buying from Glaser for the last three years, and their prices and service are solid. Five stars."

Rob Brunk

"Family owned and operated I never go anywhere else for steel or any other metal needs as they carry most everything and if they don't they can probably order it in for you. Extremely friendly and professional, would recommend them to anyone needing metal and desiring that personal touch that seems to have been lost in this day of age."

Robert Ell