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Retail Sales
Retail Sales

We sell full length material of mild steel and some aluminum. Don't need a full length? We can sell it by the inch! You can also look through our drop pile to find a length that might work for you. 

Custom Saw Cutting & Shearing

If you don't need a full length or if you can't find a drop, we offer custom cutting on all material. We can do single or multiple cuts and depending upon the number of cuts to process the job, a few days may be required to process the order through also depending upon quantity of stock.

Drilling & Punching Holes
Punching & Drilling

We offer a wide variety of hole sizes we can punch, in flat stock, plate material, and angle iron. If we are unable to punch the hole we are able to drill it instead. Any type of hole punching or drilling would need to be arranged a few days in advance and would depend upon material availability and the current shop workload.

Welding & Fabrication
Welding & Manufacturing

If you are in need of fabrication or manufacturing we are able to build your project, of course depending on what it is. If you email or bring in any plans or blueprints we will discuss what you want or need and give you an estimate price and time of manufacturing. We might also be able to install it, which might require further consolation. If we can't complete the job, hopefully we can refer you to someone else. 

CNC Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting

We also offer plasma cutting which allows us to cut out almost any shape out of steel sheets or plates. If you bring in or email you plans or blueprints we can give you an estimate and time of manufacturing. If we can't complete the job, hopefully we can refer you to someone else.


If you are unable to transport you steel to the job site, we offer delivery of materials or, in some cases, the fabricated job. 

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